Storage File

Database files for use in customs declarations. Typical files are EADs or Invoices. The function will be available from 7. 6. 2021.


Every values are represented as string. The type only determines the format of this string.


Binary content in base64.


String. For example red hat with Packet logo.

Storage File Attributes

Key Type Required Description
content Base64File yes File contents in base64.
name string yes File name for easier identification in the Client section.


XML Request


XML Response

        <created>2021-05-14 14:26:30</created>

PHP Create Storage File

$gw = new SoapClient("");
$apiPassword = "1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef";

try {
    $storageFile = $gw->createStorageFile($apiPassword, [
        'content' => base64_encode(file_get_contents('invoice_202101112.pdf')),
        'name' => "invoice_202101112.pdf",
catch(SoapFault $e) {
    var_dump($e->detail); // property detail contains error info