New Packet attributes and packet items attributes

New structure for inserting a packet valid from 7. 6. 2021.


Every values are represented as string. The type only determines the format of this string.


It can be 0 (false) or 1 (true).


It's country code defined by ISO-3166-1, Alpha 2. See For example CZ is Czech Republic, DE is Germany.


It's currency code defined by ISO-4217. See For example CZK, USD or EUR.


Date in format YYYY-MM-DD. For example 2028-12-31 or 1998-01-08.


Decimal number. It can have 1 to 8 decimal places before the decimal point and 1 to 8 places after the decimal point. For example 0, 1520, 2.72 or -0.1551.


Values can be own, create or carrier.


Integer number. For example 0, 152 or -25420.

Storage File

ID of inserted document in the Storage File.


String. For example red hat with Packet logo.

Packet attributes

Key Type Required Summary Description Conditions
ead Ead yes Method of customs procedure Available methods will advise with your customs declarant.
deliveryCost decimal yes Delivery cost Delivery cost in the currency of the parcel. Positive value
invoiceNumber string yes Invoice number
invoiceIssueDate date yes Invoice issue date Invoice issue date (Y-M-D format).
isDocument bool no For specific carriers (Aramex).
consigneeIdentification string yes * Consignee's identifications documents number. For specific carriers (Aramex).
mrn string yes * Your MRN * Only for ead = own
eadFile StorageFile yes * Storage File ID EAD document. * Only for ead = own
invoiceFile StorageFile yes / no * Storage File ID Invoice document. * Required only for ead = own or create. For ead = carrier is optional except for Aramex carrier.
carDeliveryId string no Car delivery ID For internal use

Packet items attributes

Key Type Required Summary Description Conditions
countryOfOrigin Country yes Country of origin code (2 chars)
customsCode string yes Customs code
productName string no Product name
productNameEn string yes Product name (EN) Product name in English.
value decimal yes Value Total value of item in the packet in the currency of the parcel. Positive value
unitsCount int yes Units count Positive value
weight decimal yes Weight (kg) Total weight of item in the packet in kilograms. Positive value
isFoodBook bool no Is food/book? Is food or book?
isVoc bool no Is VOC? Is volatile organic compound?