CSV import

Basic guidelines

In Client section there is an option to upload a CSV file containing packet data.

NOTE: CSV file is not suitable to import packets with mandatory customs declarations. In that case the better option is the XML import (otherwise customs declarations have to be filled in manually afterwards).

The file needs to conform to the following rules:

  • First two rows of the file are header rows and:

    • First row needs to contain the string version 7 at first position (first cell). The rest is ignored.
    • Second row is ignored.
  • The third row of the file is the first packet-data row.
  • Allowed separators are comma , and semicolon ; characters.
  • Allowed decimal point separators are dot . and comma ,. Comma must be within quotes " if comma , is already used as CSV separator.
  • Optionally, the cell content can be quoted using double quote " characters.

    NOTE: To use double quote as a part of the value, i.e. name is Jeff "the Dude" Lebowski, you need to escape the quote by doubling it. The name from previous example should then look like this: Jeff ""the Dude"" Lebowski.

  • Accepted file encoding is UTF-8.
  • Whitespace characters will be stripped from the beginning and the end of the value.

Fields reference

You can download example CSV file here.

Col. Field name Format Required Description
1 Reserved The first column is reserved and needs to be empty.
2 Order number 1-24 characters Yes Order number (from your eshop). If the value is shorter than 4 charactes, it will be padded by 0 characters from left, i.e. 0015.
3 Name 1-32 characters Yes Recipient's name.
4 Surname 1-32 characters Yes Recipient's surname.
5 Company 1-32 characters No Recipient's company.
6 E-mail valid email If no phone Recipient's e-mail.
7 Phone valid phone number If no email Recipient's phone number. The phone number is validated and needs to be in the valid destination country's format.
8 COD decimal, non-negative No For CZK only whole values are allowed, for EUR max 2 decimal places are allowed, for HUF only multiples of 5 are allowed.
9 Currency ISO 4217 code No If left blank, currency of the destination country is used. The currency applies to COD and Value fields.
10 Value decimal > 0 Yes Same rules apply as with the field COD. The value should reflect real value of the packet, it is used for insurance purposes.
11 Weight decimal > 0 Yes The weight of the packet in kilograms (kg).
12 Pickup point or carrier integer Yes Unique ID of the pickup point or an address delivery service.
13 Sender label 1-64 characters If you have more senders A label of your sender (e-shop). In case you are sending packets as more than one sender, this field is required. The latest active record is taken.
14 Adult content 0-1 No Indicates whether the packet is to be delivered only to a person older than 18 years of age. Identification will be required on pickup.
15 Delayed delivery date d.m.Y No Delays the delivery so that the packet isn't delivered before this date. Accepted dates are from today to 14 days from today.
16 Street 1-32 characters On address delivery
17 House number 1-16 characters On address delivery
18 City 1-32 characters On address delivery
19 ZIP valid ZIP On address delivery Valid destination country's ZIP code.
20 Carrier pickup point String If carrier requires it Unique ID of the carrier pickup point
21 Size - width String If carrier requires it Packet width in mm
22 Size - height String If carrier requires it Packet height in mm
23 Size - depth String If carrier requires it Packet depth in mm
24 Note 1-128 characters No Sender's note. It will be displayed on the label, if supported by courier. It will be shortened up to 32 characters, if limited by courier.
25 Allow public tracking 0 or 1 No Allow public tracking of package.
26 Allow tracking for users 16 characters (digits and letters) separated by commas No Api keys of users who are allowed to track this packet. Example: a1a2a3a4a5a6a7a8,1b2b3b4b5b6b7b8b
27 Carrier service String If carrier support it Carrier services separated by comma. More information can be found here.