Claim assistant

The claim assistant service allows the customer to send the packet they make warranty claim for back to you.

Basically what it means for the end customer is you supply them with a label to stick onto the packet and they just hand it over to one of our branches.

For pricing and more detail information please refer to our website.

Creating a claim assistant packet

The claim assistant packet is a packet without an explicit recipient. The sender and recipient of the packet is you.

Currently there are 3 ways to create a claim assistant packet:

  • Manual entry - You can manually create a claim assistant packet after you log in to our Client section.
  • Sender-specific URL - We can generate a static URL for your eshop, which allows the customers to enter a tracking number of the packet they want to make a warranty claim for and the system will create a claim assistant packet for you. If you are interested in this solution, just ask our Customer Service.
  • Using our SOAP/REST API - The API allows you to create a packet and even to download a pdf file with a label.

Supplying the user with a label

How you will choose to send the labels to the customer is entirely up to you. You can send them the label in PDF file yourself or pack the label with each packet. You can deliver the labels to the customer depending on the way you have created the packet in our system.

  • Manual entry - While manually creating a claim assistant packet, there is an option to send a download link for the label to the customer's email. They can print it afterwards.
  • URL - If you have the sender specific URL, the user can create the packet, download its label there and print it afterwards.
  • Using our SOAP/REST API - There is no automated way to send the label to the customer when using the API. When using the API, you should probably consider creating a claim assistant packet for each standard packet you create, print the label for it and send it along with the packet.

NOTE: If the customer isn't able to print the label, it is enough to just know the tracking number of the claim assistant packet. Branch employee can print the label for them.

Creating own label

If you wish to create and print your own labels, please refer to our article about labels.