Branch exports

General information

If you wish to develop your own branch listing, we offer up-to-date XML and JSON feeds to base your branch-lists on.

To access the feeds you are going to need an API key, you can find it in Client section after you log in to your account.

The exported branches change everyday, it is important to keep your list up-to-date with daily updates. We update the pick-up point availability every day between 1 AM and 2:30 AM, therefore we suggest updating your feed around 3 AM or later.

NOTE: In following URLs please replace VERSION with desired version of export e.g. v4, v3 etc. See chapters below for version specific implementation. Keep in mind that older versions may not contain all necessary informations.

NOTE: In following URLs please replace __API_KEY__ with your API key.

NOTE: The exports are cached for 55 minutes.

WARNING: It is crucial that you honor the dates in fields [exportedUntil], [enterableUntil], [openUntil] and [openSince]. In case you do not, we might not be able to deliver your packets to the selected location.

It is also important to inform the customers, while they are selecting the branch, about any holidays and exception from the standard opening hours. See holidayStart and exceptions elements.

Latest version

Latest version of branch is version 4. Replace __VERSION__ part of url with v4. For additional information refer to documentation here.


The feed contains data about all the currently open branches. You can access the feed via following URLs:

You can find the XML export's schema here:


You can also download a simplified CSV export which contains only basic fields. You can access it via following URL: