Barcode ranges

If you are planning on printing your own labels, you might want to have your own predefined barcode range. That will allow you to know a barcode for each of your packets in advance and print its label beforehand.

If you have decided you need a barcode range, you just need to contact our Customer Service and they will create a range for you.

NOTE: The barcode range is only usable while uploading data using SOAP/REST API. The other ways do not support input of barcode.

You get a range that looks like this 5000000000 - 5000999999, depending on its size.

For a 1 000 000 packet range you could describe the barcode format like this:



  • XXXX - Is your range's constant prefix.
  • YYYYYY - Is your actual range you should use in its full width.

When you are close to depletion of your range, just contact our Customer Service and they will assign you a new one. If you were to use a number outside of your range, the creation of the packet would fail.

NOTE: Even though you can not use a specific number outside your range, you can still use our public range by not specifying any barcode.