Third-party eshop solution

If you are running an eshop using a third-party eshop provider, usually SaaS, and you don't have access to source codes.

Eshop provider has implemented Packeta into its platform

There is a high possibility that your eshop already offers its own integration of our services. If you are not sure, ask your provider's customer service.

Most of the major eshop providers already have a solution of their own.

NOTE: Please note that if that is the case, we are unable to offer you any support or advice in that regard, since the whole service has been implemented exlusively by the third-party without our assistance.

Open source eshop solution

If you are running an open source eshop solution, there is a high possibility that there is an extension for it.

NOTE: Development of the older plugins (i.e. Opencart 1, Virtuemart 1, ...) has ended and they are no longer kept up to date.

You can find the full list of the plugins on our GitHub page.

Custom integration into your eshop

In order to use our services you need to be able to:

  • Offer the customer a tool to choose a pick-up point from one of our many branches.
  • Upload the data of the order into our system.
  • Print a label.

Offering pick-up point

Widget - Packeta Pick-Up Point Selection

New automated system for offering pick-up points to your customers.

You can find the Widget documentation here.

XML/JSON branch feed

If you wish to develop a solution of your own, we offer up-to-date XML and JSON feeds to base your branch-lists on.

You can find the XML documentation here.

Uploading the data

Manual creation

You can enter the packet data manually via a form in Client section.

CSV import

You can use bulk upload using CSV files. You can find the CSV specification here.

If you have a valid CSV import, you can upload it in our Client section.


For full automatization we offer SOAP/REST API endpoints.

For details please refer to the API description.

Printing labels

Before consigning the packet at any of our branches, you will first need to print out a label and place it visibly on the package. We offer several ways to obtain the labels you need for your packets.

Optionally (and preferably) in addition to the labels, we allow creation of a shipment list to bring along with your packets to our branch. Before admission, the shipment list will be scanned and our system will be able to check if any of the packets are missing.

Manual download

In our Client section in your packet overview, you should be able to print everything you need. Just choose the packets for which you wish to print the labels, choose your preferred format and press download/print button. You will get a PDF file containing all the labels you have chosen to print.


Our SOAP/REST API offers functionality for downloading labels for your packets in a PDF file.

For more information please check with our API reference.

Your own labels

You are also able to create your own labels using any tools you like, as long as the label contains all the basic information we require.

For more information on labels please refer to our label description.